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Flight Time Building, LLC, specializes in providing quality aircraft at low hourly rates to bring affordable  building of required flight time for your next rating or for your ATP minimums or for your personal or business aircraft use. Whether you want an aircraft to use for business travel, to complete your time building or to purely fly for fun, we have the right aircraft and the right price to meet your needs.

Aircraft Rental / Time Building

Thank you for your interest in Flying here at Flight Time Building where we strive at getting all of your Time Building needs met. We strive for a 100% completion and satisfaction rate and we do plan to keep it that way.

To have this Rate of success and satisfaction we have developed our unique way of time building in that we reserve aircraft ahead of time and issue aircraft to Time Builders
Due to our method of time building we generally do not do anything smaller than a 50 hour block and will do any amount up to 1000 hours, more if necessary.
We make arrangements for accommodation and transportation as required when available, assist in the Foreign Pilot Verification as necessary, and Assist you in obtaining your FAA PPL if necessary

All aircraft are dispatched to you the time builder upon you receiving your FAA PPL, acquiring the appropriate renters insurance (normally $90) and the completion of your ground and flight checkout as necessary. After this time you are then the proud “owner” of the aircraft till you are done with your time block which we do look for a minimum of 6 hours per day or approximately 42 hours per week, we do not have a published maximum per day however you will know your abilities and safety is of utmost concern

Our current published rates are on the website however depending on the size of the block of time (in excess of 300) we may have additional price breaks, so feel free to ask
If you have been referred here by a previous customer please indicate so by giving their Name and Country
In general most Time Builders need about 100 to 150 hours and therefore get the 150 hour block in the cessna 152 which with current fuel prices puts the time build at about 4 weeks and about $10000 USD which would include aircraft, fuel and oil. This price however does not include accommodation, transportation, meals, entertainment or any additional cost you may incur elsewhere
I hope that this general memo has answered some of your questions and we do look forward to hearing from you in the very near future

Please feel free to ask further questions and we will be happy to answer them on a one on one basis.


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