Fuel Cost

All Block Hour Rates are dry. Pilots may purchase fuel at any location of their choice.

Block Hour Discounts

If you sign up for a minimum block hour rate, you will be required to pay for that minimum time. You may fly in excess of the block hours at the same rate provided the flight time is within the same time period specified for the block hour rental agreement. The block hour rate applies to a 6 hour per day required and hours must be flown within that time period unless approval is granted for an extension due to mechanical or weather delays.


If you are not able to complete your flying within the time period of your block hour rental agreement, additional time will be granted to compensate for the days lost due to mechanical issues.

Pilot Check-out

All FAA Holders are allowed to by their own discretion to choose whether they would like to have a familiarization / check flight. All International Pilots with FAA Foreign Based Pilot Verifications or Licenses will need to complete a US Biannual upon receipt of their US License per FAA Regulations no exceptions

International Pilots

Please see this page for information specific to requirements for international Time Builders.


Pricing effective October 1st 2023