Reviews posted to Google and Facebook by our Time Builders.

Bruno RBBruno RB
01:04 20 May 23
I recently had the pleasure of using Flight Time Building services, and I must say that it was an exceptional experience. The airplane was very well maintained, and it was clear that the owner, Neil, takes great pride in keeping his aircraft in top-notch condition.What really stood out to me, though, was the price - it was the best I had found in the area. And on top of that, the customer service was truly awesome. Neil was incredibly responsive to all of my questions and concerns, and he went above and beyond to make sure that my flight time building experience was a success.Furthermore, Neil is a great person to work with. He is easy-going and approachable, and he worked with me to come to a fair agreement that met my needs.Overall, I can't recommend Flight Time Building and Neil enough. If you're looking for a well-maintained airplane at a great price, with exceptional customer service, then look no further. I will definitely be using their services again in the future.
Noah MarcouxNoah Marcoux
23:11 01 Apr 23
Just finished up a 600 hour block with the PA38 and it was a flawless experience. Neil and his team are great and ready to assist with any problems that may arise. He takes care of all the maintenance and is only a phone call away if needed. I even was able to learn a few new things watching them do the 100 hour inspections! The airplane itself is well equipped and flew very well. The pricing is the lowest you will find. The entire process was a great experience, and if I could do it over again I absolutely would! Thank you Neil and team for making time building affordable and attainable!
Andrew HerberAndrew Herber
14:57 23 Feb 23
Rented with Neil from January 17th to February 16th to fly 200 hours, flew the PA-28-151 and had a great time! Neil was extremely helpful with any and any small maintenance issues we encountered because I stayed local flying all over Florida and made the process to build 200 hours smooth and easy. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to build hours quickly!
Jakub KrzysiakJakub Krzysiak
17:20 30 Jan 23
I did my hour building in December’22. Awesome experience, Neil was very, very helpful. Since it was my first time flying in the US, he helped me with organising everything (checkride, examiner etc.). He likes to keep it simple, so there are no extra fees, no surprises- it’s all clear from the beginning till the end. The plane (N702RA) was well prepared for my flights and I was able to take it for two weeks. Neil also let me extend my rental time due to weather. Definitely my best moments in aviation so far- I’ve never got so much experience in such a short time. Can’t wait to go back and fly in the US again. Totally recommend this place. You won’t find such quality and so reasonable prices!
22:52 01 Jan 23
I rented a C152 for 100 hours from Flight Time Building in order to complete my hour building before starting my EASA CPL. Neil was helpful and informative regarding the EASA to FAA PPL conversion and it was very easy and quick thanks to him and his contacts.The aircraft itself was in very good conditions and never had any problems. Neil was always readily available with any issues I had and always did his best to help me out. The planes are well maintained and are always kept up to a high standard for use.I had one of the most memorable and fun times of my life while renting Neil's C152 and would recommend Flight Time Building to anyone thinking about building their hours.I'd love to come back one day if I'm able to fly in Florida again!
Matthias LerchMatthias Lerch
17:07 15 Nov 22
Flight Time BuildingI am working on becoming a commercial pilot in Europe, therefore I needed to get more flight experience, fast and as cheap as possible. With all the landing fees and, of course, the biggest turn down „fuel prices“, the only reasonable option was to do my time building in the U.S. For me it was not the first time in Florida. I did my private pilots license in St. Augustine in January 2022. European people might feel overwhelmed by the fact they are in the states, probably for the first time and totally on their own but there is really no reason for that. Especially with a guy like Neil, who really cares for his customers and who’s number one priority is their wellbeing, there’s really nothing to fear. When I arrived, Neil did not hesitate to walk me through everything I needed to know and was happy to answer all my questions. Massey Ranch Airpark is a beautiful place to fly. It’s location is just a few miles off New Smyrna Beach and from there, in a very short period of time, you can visit a lot of beautiful places. Just a couple hours and you are flying along the Florida Keys and maybe even, with a little preparation, over to the Bahamas. The airport has a pretty long runway with fairly new asphalt that is in great condition. There was also a new lighting system installed not so long ago, so arriving at Massey at night is a very pleasant experience.Neils airplanes are great, but keep in mind I am saying that with their mission in mind. The planes, of course, are workhorses, thats what they are meant for, thats what they look like. Don’t expect a freshly repainted, full glass-cockpit Piper or Cessna. But who cares as long as the planes, technically speaking, are in good condition. And that’s where Neil really exceeded my expectations. I flew a Cessna 172, to be precise, it was a 1975 172M (N61972). For the price given, which must be the cheapest in the country, I was expecting a clapped out 172 that basically just does it’s job. What I got was a good equipped airplane with nice interior and a strong running, freshly rebuilt engine. Technically, everything was in working order and the GNS 530 was a nice add on for navigation or, not in my case, IFR flying. I also know that Neil is planning to upgrade his planes to a graphic engine monitoring so that will also be nice to have in the near future.All in all my plane was a joy to fly, Neil was always happy to help me with any problem there was and I could not have wished for a better experience.Thank you Neil!
Nicola MeloniNicola Meloni
10:54 01 Nov 22
Awesome experience!Neil was very helpful, supporting us in many occasions and almost all things we needed to fly in US under FAA ( we are from Europe ).If available, Neil can provide you accommodation.The airplane was very well maintained, with a new engine, acceptable instruments and very good interiors.Hope to come back there soon.
08:09 02 Jul 22
Some time has elapsed since I was doing my flight time at Flight Time Building LLC (Edgewater, USA). Thus, I think it is now time to share my personal experience.I flown 100 hours of cross country flights with the easy to operate, reliable and comfortable PA-28 Cherokee N702RA. An unforgettable trip that neither me nor my partner we will never forget it. We had the chance to discover and observe from the air more than 17 states of USA as well as landing in 27 different airports and airfields. The journey was short but very intensive. We were every day in a new place, deciding where to sleep always in a last minute.One of the nicest memories I keep in my mind were the VFR night flights, so common in USA airspace as the VFR day flights. You could see several lights from light traffics at night, as if the sky would be plenty of stars. On the other hand, I was amazed to use flight following, a dynamic way to be under control by ATCs.In a nutshell, a trip to remember forever. Thanks Neil, CEO of Flight Time Building, for your warm hospitality and for the on going support during the whole journey which helped us a lot to achieve our goals.Finally and based on first-hand experience, I would highly recommend Flight Time Building to rent an aircraft for your time building. One of the cheapest prices you will get in USA to fly as PIC, with well-maintained fleet as well as with fast and friendly customer service when you need them at any time of your adventure.See you soon at Flight Time Building,Adrián.
Barak AdlerBarak Adler
04:21 12 Oct 21
Dedicated service and great experience.I got to build there a few hundred hours and I am very satisfied. The planes are well maintained, fair prices, very high availability (there is always someone to talk to), service above and beyond expectations and above all - fair! Unlike many other places I have flown, this is the only place that has sustain everything that promised and not tried to deceive me.